Wednesday, August 15, 2007


For too long I've been bumming around
Guess it's time I was homeward bound
I'd been through thick and thin
And I'd known pain from deep within
I used to think I was tough
But this time I've had enough
I've paid the price, and I'd sung my songs
I'd been lost and lonely way too long
This time I've made up my mind
Just let go! I'm off sailing with the wind
Hang on, baby, I'm on my way
And this time I'm coming home to stay.

True Riches

In my search for riches
And in my quest for happiness
I've traipsed all around the world
Running after the pot of gold
That lies at the end of the rainbow
Learnt all the tricks there was to know
Still,the dream was out of reach
Like receding waves way beyond the beach
But one thing I'd observed along the way
That happy and contented people are not always
The rich and famous who made roaring big time
True riches and happiness doesn't cost a dime
It's worth more than all the riches you could imagine
It's already there...just look within

In The Name Love

Been searching high and low
Still there isn't much I can show
Like a howling wolf in the middle of the night
I cried out for love with all my might
Oh, for somebody to love
All that I want, and will ever want, is love
But, will I ever find someone so true?
Someone who'd never, ever make me blue
Lord, I just need somebody to need me
Just somebody who'd always be
Close by my side every night and day
Like a rock that'll never ever stray
Good heavens, can't you see that I'm in pain?
Or is it really true that I'm going insane?
I demand to be loved- in the name of love!
Oh yes, I'm ready for sweet love
Is that too hard to see or are you blind?
Tell me, babe, how could you be so unkind?

Power Of Love

'tis a bit strange but it is true
Well brother, like a bolt from the blue
My not-so-tender heart took a direct hit
At a time when I was least expecting it
And believe me, it's a whole new feeling
Kind of warm - my head's still a-spinning
It's a strange brew alright - but who's complaining
Only trouble is, I just can't stop smilingSave Now
Some people they call it Cupid's arrow
Whatever, it opened my eyes and helps me see tomorrow
By Jove! such is the power of love
Sent down straight from heaven above.Save Now